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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a group invite?

When you paid the rent box you should of got an automatic group invite, if you did not please click on the rent box at your property and select from the menu  "Grp Invite"

How do I get my friend a group invite?

Please click on the rent box at your property and select from the menu " Tenant"

From this menu you can list, add ( up to 11 sub tenants is allowed), remove or clear the sub tenant list.

List Tenant - This will show u the names of your sub tenants you have on your rent box
Add Tenant - This will allow you to copy and paste your friends name into the blue text box, once u have click on submit a group invite will automatically be sent to them.
Remove Tenant - This will allow you to remove friends that u no longer wont on your rent box, when u remove them they will also be ejected from the group.
Clear Tenants - This will clear the entire list in one go 

My friend did not get a group invite when I added them as a subtenant on the rent box?

Some times this happens when a person is not online or just sl playing up, Please get your sub tenant to click on the rent box and click on "Grp Invite" they will then be sent another group invite

Can my sub tenants remove other subtenants from the rent box?

No, they are restricted to the Pay, Notify me, Update prims, Time left, Land impact, Grp Invite, Reminders and Notecard.

What is the Hybird Calling Post at my property?

The Hybird Calling Post is linked to a machine on our sim that is called Hybird Dance machine, this machine holds couples and singles dances that will animate your.

To use please click the dance machine, the dance machine will ask you for animation permissions via a box on the top right hand side of your screen, once granted another menu will ask you to choose either single or couples dances.
If you choose couples dances:
  • A set of poseballs will appear immediately to your left
  • Sit on one of the pose balls and have your dance partner sit on the other.
  • Your partner will receive an animation permission request.
  • You will now receive a drop down menu from which to choose your dance.
  • Choose a dance and off you go!
  • To bring up the menu at any time, either click on The Hybird Calling Post, or say /1 menu in chat.
  • To resync your dance with your partner, either select ReSync from the menu or type /1 sync in chat.

For more information please visit Tis's own web site Here  

Sometimes when I change a scene in the multiscene sky box I see the odd bit of furniture left behind from the pervious scene (sim shadows)?

This issue can happen from time to time but it is not a fault with the sim or the rezzer and unfortunately there isn't anything that LSL (Linden Script Language) can help with,.

The most likely the problem is due to the caching of the SL viewer (one project undertaken by LL before is to improve render cache, they claimed it will improve performance but the side effect could be the defects of what you see), both Sim server and SL viewer may have contributed the artefacts.

We advise if u are having this problem to clear your cache in the Firestorm viewer this can be done by going to pressing Ctrl + P on your keyboard and then going to Networking & Files tab and clicking the "Clear Browser Cache" Button.

Alternatively you can down the official second life viewer that seems less likely to be effected by the sim shadows but if you are on the official viewer already you can clear the cache by pressing Ctrl + P on your keyboard and then going to Advance tab and clicking the "Clear Browser Cache" Button.

A instant fix is to just click on the items with your mouse and the will disappear within seconds but please consider the above for a long term fix.

TV Instructions

Our TV's are called media TV's this means it uses your own computes web browser, we use these kind of TV's so you are not restricted on what you can watch or listen to, if you have any problems please remember its not "our" TV's but your gaming device, please refer to the hits and tips below you are still having issues and you can not see the TV 

Firstly please make sure you have google chrome installed or updated, this is the most common fault for not seeing the media TV's in second life.



If you are still having issues please make sure your pc has these 3 plugins 

1.1 Quicktime plugin:

1.2 Flash plugin for Mozilla-Firefox*, also known as the flash non IE Browsers:
By using Mozilla-Firefox webbrowser in RL:

Direct links (if you do not have Mozilla-Firefox):
flash 32 bits - http://aihdownload.adobe.com/bin/install_flashplayer11x32_chrd_aih.exe
flash 64 bits - http://aihdownload.adobe.com/bin/install_flashplayer11x64_chrd_aih.exe

1.3 Silverlight:

Remember to make sure that these plugins are updated, please restart your Second Life Viewer after installing them.
*Flash for IE, Chrome, Safari are "NOT" compatible with Second Life itself. Lacking this plugin in particular will cause the appearance of a "blue cube with a question mark" type of error onscreen.


 Please sure you are using Viewers all official / third party approved viewers that are compatible with media televisions.

Official list:


If you are a mac user and still having problems this link may help https://forums.adobe.com/message/5501364#550136

The above information was taken from VEA 3 HDTV eMotion - User Guide notecard


Our security is an integrated system that works with your rent box, this means that any partners (sub tenants) added to your rent box will automatically be given access to the security device.
As a tenant or sub tenant you will have access to
Set Modes (Full Security) (Standby) (Off)
Manipulate White, Black, Temp lists
View and Erase Visitor Logs
View System Status Report
Designate IM and Email Alert recipients
How to use the security
The security device has two modes of protection and one Off mode:
Full Security:   Scans the protected area, warns and then kicks anyone that is not specifically on the White access list and instantly kicks anyone on the Black list. 
Standby:  Scans the protected area, and instantly kicks anyone on the Black List.  All others will be allowed. This is sometimes known as  "Passive" or "Black List" Mode.
Off: The system is completely shutdown and no protection is provided. 
Prints out the Security System status, settings, list sizes and memory usage.
Provides a menu for viewing visitor logs.  Also the ability to erase the log.
Provides a menu for maintaining your Security "White" list. The White list is a list of your friends you would like to allow access to your land.  They can pass in any mode.
Provides a menu for maintaining your Security "Black" list.  The Black list  (just as it sounds) is a list of users/avatars that you want to instantly remove or eject from your land.  They will receive no friendly warning and will ejected in both Full Security and Standby Modes.
Provides a menu for maintaining your Security "Temp" list.  The Temp list is a list to allow users/avatars temporary access to your land.  The default period is 4 hours.   After this period the user/avatar will be removed from the list.
Provides a menu for setting alert recipients when someone enters or has been ejected from the protected area.  
Once the renter is evicted or removed from rental box, all lists will be cleared and the device will be turned off until the rent is paid again.