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Second Life Security 

Security in our Sky Boxs

Our security is an integrated system that works with your rent box, this means that any partners (sub tenants) added to your rent box will automatically be given access to the security device.
As a tenant or sub tenant you will have access to
Set Modes (Full Security) (Standby) (Off)
Manipulate White, Black, Temp lists
View and Erase Visitor Logs
View System Status Report
Designate IM and Email Alert recipients
How to use the security
The security device has two modes of protection and one Off mode:
Full Security:   Scans the protected area, warns and then kicks anyone that is not specifically on the White access list and instantly kicks anyone on the Black list. 
Standby:  Scans the protected area, and instantly kicks anyone on the Black List.  All others will be allowed. This is sometimes known as  "Passive" or "Black List" Mode.
Off: The system is completely shutdown and no protection is provided. 
Prints out the Security System status, settings, list sizes and memory usage.
Provides a menu for viewing visitor logs.  Also the ability to erase the log.
Provides a menu for maintaining your Security "White" list. The White list is a list of your friends you would like to allow access to your land.  They can pass in any mode.
Provides a menu for maintaining your Security "Black" list.  The Black list  (just as it sounds) is a list of users/avatars that you want to instantly remove or eject from your land.  They will receive no friendly warning and will ejected in both Full Security and Standby Modes.
Provides a menu for maintaining your Security "Temp" list.  The Temp list is a list to allow users/avatars temporary access to your land.  The default period is 4 hours.   After this period the user/avatar will be removed from the list.
Provides a menu for setting alert recipients when someone enters or has been ejected from the protected area.  
Once the renter is evicted or removed from rental box, all lists will be cleared and the device will be turned off until the rent is paid again.
Any other questions please contact our mangers.

Security on our ground house rentals 

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