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About US

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Amber Lyndhurst

Creator and co-owner
of Titchy' Dreams

Tuvok Dingson

 Co-owner of 
Titchy's Dreams

Brief History

Titchy's Dreams was founded by Second Life resident Amber Lyndhurst in 2007. She bought her first plot of land and then a friend asked if they could rent some prims from her. Since she had some prims to spare she agreed, and built her first sky box.


The response from this was overwhelming and she began to grow from there. She moved every few months to bigger plots and took her friends with her. Having settled on the Keflu Beach sim (now renamed Titchys Dreams) we continued to acquire properties until we took over the sim. 


In 2017 we were invited to take part in the Bata testing in project Sansar, here we have created an experience that can be visited and enjoyed in desktop and VR mode.

The infrastructure of our business has really added a great deal of community spirit and helped to establish Titchy's dreams as a true community, rather than just a place to rent.

Our Mission.

 At the very beginning we did not have a real Mission, we just built sky boxes that we ourselves would like to live in. We then discovered that we are the only rental company to offer Intan dance balls with each property (others have since copied us). Another big factor was the ability to change the wall papers and scenes of the sky box. If you get bored you do not have to move sky boxes, you just change your wallpapers or scenes (again others have since copied us).

Our goal was, and has always been, to keep in the forefront of Second Life's new technology, we have led the way with the first media TV’s, upgraded from the Intan to the Hybrid Dance Machine and the first “Mesh" sky box rental